A Vampire Reboot Will Embrace The Books Gay Subtext

The upcoming Interview with a Vampire TV series, a reboot of Anne Rice’s cult-classic novels, will include the original books’ gay subtext. The upcoming Interview with the Vampire TV series will lean into the original books’ gay subtext. Anne Rice’s novel of the same name was written in 1976, and adapted into a feature-length film in 1994. The film starred Tom Cruise as the vampire Lestat de Lioncourt and Brad Pitt as Louis de Pointe du Lac, his longtime companion. While Rice’s novel originally had a mixed reception, her subsequent sequels and the film adaptation turned Interview with the Vampire into a cult classic.

In June of 2021, AMC announced that it would be developing Interview with the Vampire into an eight-episode television series. The showrunner will be Rolin Jones, who is most notable for being a writer on NBC’s Friday Night Lights and HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. Two months later, it was announced that Sam Reid would be taking on the role of Lestat, and Game of Thrones alum Jacob Anderson would be playing Louis. Filming for Interview with the Vampire began in December 2021, and the series is set to debut in October. AMC has now begun promoting the reboot in earnest, with the first Interview with the Vampire trailer having just premiered at San Diego Comic-Con.

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Anne Rice Hated Tom Cruise’s Interview With The Vampire Casting – Anne Rice had many actors in mind for Interview With The Vampire, but Tom Cruise wasn’t one of them; here’s why she was initially against him. Here’s why Interview With The Vampire author Anne Rice absolutely hated Tom Cruise’s casting as Lestat – and how she felt after seeing the movie. Interview With The Vampire was published in 1976 and is framed as a story where a vampire recounts his eventful, tragic life to a reporter. The novel was something of a genre landmark and popularized the notion vampires could be lonely, introspective figures cursed by their immortality. The book was personal for the author too, with the character of Claudia – the five-year-old vampire child – based on Rice’s own daughter, who passed away from leukemia.

It took nearly 20 years, and in between Rice had considered other options like making it a musical. The author had written various screenplays for this proposed adaptation herself and had just about given up on the notion of the film actually happening when the pieces finally fell into place. Irish director Neil Jordan – hot off The Crying Game – signed on after Rice’s preferred choices like David Cronenberg and Ridley Scott passed, while Tom Cruise signed on as Lestat. The Vampire was Tom Cruise’s first time playing a villain and was considered a risk for the actor. When penning the novel, Rice had pictured Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner) as Lestat, and while she had dreamed of that casting for Lestat while the movie spent years in development hell, she admitted he was likely too old by the time Interview With The Vampire went into production. Daniel Day-Lewis considered the role, among other names, but Cruise eventually signed on and was excited about the challenge it represented. The only issue was fans of Interview With The Vampire felt he was horribly miscast – an opinion shared by Anne Rice.

Vampire panel at SDCC, which Screen Rant attended, Jones says that the show will embrace the gay subtext of Rice’s original novel. Interview with the Vampire has long been known to include queer subtext between Lestat and Louis, and Jones says that the series will openly acknowledge the vampires’ relationship and sexuality. This is something that the 1994 film adaptation was criticized for excluding, and Jones says that he’s aiming to take the book’s subtext and turn it into text. Rice, who passed away at age 80 last December, was a very vocal supporter of LGBTQ+ rights. While her original novel wasn’t overly well-received by critics at the time, Interview with the Vampire became a queer classic, and Rice confirmed that Lestat and Louis were, in fact, in a romantic relationship. While the film adaptation didn’t dive into Lestat and Louis’ queerness, the gay subtext between the characters still very much remained, despite being somewhat ambiguous. However, Jones’ TV series looks to be the first Interview with the Vampire adaptation to explicitly deal with Lestat and Louis’s sexuality.

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