A Short Story About The Tinder Swindler Film That Aired This February

“You can find them all on Tinder.” Cecilie Fjellhoy’s words about the popular dating app among young people are true, especially for those who are active or at least have used dating apps.

There, you can find anything. Starting from friends, long term love, one night love, massage services, even criminals as shown in PODVODNÍK Z TINDERU (2022). This documentary, based on an investigative report by Norwegian media, VG, features a nightmare from the adventures of singles and singles: meeting wolves disguised as unicorns.

The stories of those who have been scammed on Tinder or other dating apps are not new. For those who are considered “dating app experts” like Cecilie, you should have heard of some of them. I’ve heard some of the stories. But usually it’s just someone from abroad who wants to give a gift, but then gets stuck at customs so we are asked to redeem it. cliche.

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However, the story in this film, which is then presented in the form of a narrative thriller, complete with videos, screenshots of chats, and interviews, was beyond my expectations. At first, I doubted that the story in this documentary was factual. Moreover, the execution of this film at a glance reminds me of the film Searching (2018), which is also set in social media.

Coupled with a fairy tale-like story, who would have thought that this really happened? Moreover, current film technology can display something that is fictional looks so real. Until when the VG team appeared in this film as a resource, I could only say to myself: seriously? “What happened to me was like in the movies. But in movies, there are always bad people.” said Cecilie. Director Felicity Morris put together each piece of facts and interviews beautifully. The storyline and conflict runs quite smoothly and attracts attention, so that sometimes it takes the audience time to digest all this magical reality.


Morris also seems to prefer to follow the original plot in VG’s investigative report in the form of a timeline. This is the right decision considering that VG has presented its report in an interesting way. Morris only adds some drama to his conversations with the three brave women who nabbed the con artist Simon Leviev: Cecilie Fjellhoy, Pernilla Sjoholm, and Ayleen Charlotte.

The existence of these three women is also felt to be highlighted by Morris, so that the narrative of women’s power becomes more prominent. In addition, several reconstructions also add to the drama which is already quite tense from the presentation of the VG team’s original investigative video, voice recordings containing threats from Leviev, and several other photos.

This proved to be good enough to increase the tension and keep the audience going, after at the beginning the portion of the introduction story was felt a bit too much to feel boring. But with the various conflicts that followed, I think it can be forgiven. Moreover, there are a number of facts in the Simon Leviev trial which in my opinion are unfair when compared to the current condition of the victims.

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Until the end of this documentary, the question is whether the audience of this film then chooses to keep “swiping right and left” as if they think Simon’s story will not happen to him, or are they more afraid, or are they really afraid that they choose to uninstall? What is certain, this documentary is the easiest narrative to introduce the risks of socializing on social media behind all the ease of access and the narcissistic culture in it to the current generation of technology.

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