A Little Leak of Tom Holland Being Nathan Drake in Uncharted

Uncharted fans were given a sneak peek of the cinematic version of game hero Nathan Drake. Tom Holland, leaked the character he will be playing on social media. For the first time, Holland uploaded a photo of himself in a complete costume from the film Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune (2022). The image is accompanied by a caption.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Nate #uncharted,” he wrote on his Twitter account, Thursday (10/22/2020). Uncharted is an adaptation of a video game released in 2007 with the Play Station 3 game Uncharted (2022) celý film. In 2017, the game released Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, which centers on a professional treasure hunter who claims to be a descendant of Sir Francis Drake.

Since 2008, a number of actors before Holland have been linked with the character that Sony Pictures will bring into the film. Among them, Nathan Fillion and Mark Wahlberg. In the video game version, the character’s voice is actually Nolan North, who later co-wrote a tweet in favor of Holland’s selection as Drake.

Along with the upload are three shots from his visit to the film’s location in Valencia, Spain. “Like looking in the mirror! Proud to have @TomHolland1996 carry on Drake’s legacy! Absolutely great! Thanks for the set visit!!” Nolan wrote on his Twitter account, @nolan_morth. Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune (2022) is currently in production with director Ruben Fleischer, director of the films Venom and Zombieland. The film also stars Wahlberg, Antonio Banderas, and Tati Gabrielle, and is slated for release in July 2021.

Source: https://minimore.com/b/pnpqJ/1

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