A little leak of the Uncharted 2022 plot by Tom Holland

The latest news again comes from the Sony Pictures project, “uncharted”. Tom Holland as the main character has just leaked about the plot or storyline of the film, which continues to be hit by these obstacles.

It is known, “Uncharted” has experienced many ups and downs in its development. Such as the entry and exit of the director who directed this project, changes and shifts in the release date, as well as several other obstacles.

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Despite being hit by many problems, Tom Holland himself still maintains his contract to play the character Nathan Drake. Reported by IGN on Wednesday (19/2), the “Spider-Man: Far From Home” actor did not even hesitate to provide the latest update from “Uncharted”.

On the other hand, previously Sony was reported to have postponed the release schedule of “Uncharted”. The previously set 18th December 2020 date has now been moved to 5th March 2021. Unfortunately, there is no information as to why the date change occurred.

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Meanwhile, this report follows previous news that Travis Knight was forced to withdraw from the game adaptation project due to scheduling problems. However, not because the production schedule of “Uncharted” clashed with other projects he was working on, but because of another Tom Holland film, namely the follow-up series “Spider-Man: Far From Home”, “Spider-Man 3”.

As previously reported, the production of the film adaptation of this game will not start until Tom Holland has finished working on “Spider-Man 3”, even though the film will only be released in 2021. This is the main reason for Travis Knight to leave.

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Travis Knight himself is not the first director to leave this project. Previously, there were a number of directors who had been recruited by Sony, such as Shawn Levy (‘Stranger Things’) who unfortunately decided to leave at the end of 2018.

Since then, Sony hired Dan Trachtenberg (’10 Cloverfield Lane’) to direct, but he also left the project. Then the director’s chair was filled by Travis Knight (‘Bumblebee’), and in the end also opted out.

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On the other hand, until now there has been no news about the addition of the cast shared by Sony. Tom Holland has signed on to play the character Nathan Drake, with Mark Wahlberg playing his mentor, Sully.

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