A Line of Films Starring Lily Collins

Lily Jane Collins or Lily Collins is the son of senior musician Phil Collins who has now also become one of the Hollywood actresses who has starred in a number of films. Since she was two years old, Lily has appeared in a BBC series called Growing Pants.

However, his official debut on the big screen only started in 2009. Since then, he has started starring in many TV series and movies.

Of the various titles of films and series that have starred Lily Collins, here are the 5 best films from Lily Collins. Could be your viewing recommendation!

1. The Blind Side

In this film, Lily plays the character of Collins Tuohy. This film is a biography of the athlete Michael Other.

Collins Tuohy is the son of the Tuohy family, where his mother is an interior designer. Collin later became close friends with Mike, a child who the Tuohy family considers family.

2. Abduction

This film tells of Nathan who discovers the fact that he is on a missing person’s site. And it turns out that the people he thought were his parents were not his real parents.

Nathan, who is good at fighting, then decides to find out about his past and his real family. However, this action actually made him a fugitive and being chased by the CIA.

3. Mirror Mirror

In this film, Lily Collins played Snow White and was nominated for Best Costume Design at the Academy Award. Even though it comes from a classic fairy tale, the story about snow white in Mirror Mirror has undergone changes and gives its own twist on the storyline.

Snow White is told as a strong woman. Not dependent on the prince and able to fight the evil forces of the queen.

4. Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones

Clary, who is at the club with her best friend, witnesses a murder committed by Jace. Surprisingly, he was the only person in the club who could see what happened.

The next day, Clary, who tries to ask Jace a lot of things, gets news that her mother disappeared because she was kidnapped by a mysterious figure. Finally, Jace also reveals that Clary is actually shadowhunters.

5. Stuck In Love

In this film, Samantha is described as a woman who is always cynical with the concept of falling in love. This attitude is caused by the divorce of his parents.

Stuck in Love started shooting in Wilmington, North Carolina in March 2012, primarily in the Wrightsville Beach area. Filming wrapped on April 6, 2012.

On March 6, 2012, it was announced that Lily Collins, Logan Lerman, Liana Liberato, Nat Wolff and Kristen Bell had joined the cast. It was also announced that the film would feature a cameo from Stephen King, as well as actors Rusty Joiner and Patrick Schwarzenegger in supporting roles. In November, the working title of the movie, Writers, was changed to Stuck in Love. In Australia and New Zealand it was released under the title A Place For Me and distributed by Becker Film Group.

But all of Samantha’s principles change when she meets a man named Lou. He is a writer.

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