7 Recommended Metaverse Themed Movies You Must Watch

Internet speed makes the term metaverse more widely echoed. The metaverse world refers to a virtual or virtual environment that is connected to the real world. Many portraits of life in this sophisticated digital world are made into a film. Metaverse-themed films generally raise a picture of the virtual-reality world.

If you are interested in this futuristic-themed spectacle, here are some movie recommendations about the metaverse world that you can watch on your favorite legal movie streaming service.

1. Free Guy (2021)

This comedy genre film mixed with sci-fi tells the life of the video game world, namely Free Guy. One of the characters is a bank teller named Guy (Ryan Reynolds).

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Realizing that he is just a non-playable character (NPC), Guy tries to become the hero of his own story to save his game world before being shut down by the developers.

2. Jumanji: The Next Level (2019)

Jumanji: The Next Level is a sequel to Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle which was released 2 years earlier. After completing the first mission in Jumanji’s world, they intend to reunite again.

Spencer decided to head to Jumanji first. Not long after, his three friends followed, not knowing that the game console was broken, sucking them all into Jumanji’s world without being able to choose an avatar. Besides the three of them, Spencer’s grandfather, Eddie (Danny DeVito), and his friend Milo (Danny Glover), also move to Jumanji’s world.

3. Ready Player One (2018)

The next metaverse-themed film recommendation is Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One. This film tells the adventures of a group of teenagers in search of ‘treasure’ in a virtual world called OASIS. Then an 18-year-old teenager named Wade Watts is interested in joining a competition and taking on a challenge with two of his friends.

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The winner who wins the contest will win many things. Starting from all of Halliday’s wealth to having complete control of the virtual game world that he has created.

4. The Call Up (2016)

The Call Up is a film focused on a group of professional gamers who are invited to a trial of a new video game. Game development companies then offer big money in return for them to join.

The gamers immediately agreed and decided to join the trial. But apparently, if they are killed in the game, then the same thing happens in the real world. The only way to survive is to win the game.

5. 2047: Virtual Revolution (2016)

The film 2047: Virtual Revolution tells the story of life in the future, precisely in 2047, when everyone is already living in a virtual world.

After hundreds of gamers are mysteriously killed, a shadow agent named Nash (Mike Dopud) receives a mission to track down and eliminate the terrorists who masterminded the Necromancer.

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While investigating, Nash finds out that the goal of the Necromancers is to get people out of virtual reality.

6. Tron: Legacy (2010)

Tron: Legacy tells the story of the adventures of Sam (Garrett Hedlund) to a virtual reality world called The Grid. The VR world was created by Sam’s father who mysteriously disappeared in 1989.

The world of Grid was discovered by Sam by accident, even Sam allowed himself to enter the Grid which turned out to be very futuristic. Unfortunately, to be able to return to the real world and get out alive, Sam must defeat a program called Rinzler and the ruler of Grid’s world, Clu.

7. The Matrix (1999)

The Matrix is ​​a recommendation for the next metaverse-themed film. The film, which was released at the end of the 20th century, tells the story of a hacker named Thomas ‘Neo’ Anderson (Keanu Reeves) who faces danger in a new world.

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A mysterious message that Neo receives leads him to battle against the advanced computer that has built his entire reality into a system called the Matrix.

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