7 Netflix Recommendations for Me-Time This Week

After a tired day of activities, it feels good to pamper yourself by watching the best Netflix recommended movies or series. Indeed, watching is an exciting activity, both for just relaxing in your spare time or for refreshing. Various streaming services, including Netflix also come with a number of interesting content that is ready to entertain you.

This week, this American streaming service again presents content with various genres. Ranging from drama-comedy, thriller, mystery, romance, to documentaries. Not only popular content, Netflix also presents a number of original content that is no less interesting.

Netflix recommendations of the week!

1. Like psychological-thriller films? Watch the classic Hannibal, which premieres August 16.

For those of you who have watched the classic horror film The Silence of the Lambs (1991), watch the sequel, Hannibal, which will be coming to Netflix starting August 16, 2022. After the first film successfully won an Oscar, Hannibal has become one of the most anticipated films of the year. the release.

The film, which stars Anthony Hopkins again, is set seven years after Dr. Hannibal Lecter escapes from captivity. One of the victims, Mason Verger (Gary Oldman) is obsessed with revenge.

He also plans to use Clarice Starling (Julianne Moore) as bait to attract Hannibal’s attention. Even though he received criticism regarding sadistic scenes and was considered more unsatisfactory than the first film, Hannibal still received praise for the performance of the actors and his good visuals.

2. Do you like science-fiction dramas with a touching parallel reality concept? Watch Look Both Ways starting August 17th.

In recent years, the concept of a multiverse with a branching reality timeline is indeed on the rise. Like the MCU films, Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021) to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022). Not to forget there is a film produced by A24, namely Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022).

For those of you who like films with alternative reality concepts like that, try adding Look Both Ways to your watch list.

This film is about Natalie who finds her life separated into two timelines just before she graduates from school. In one timeline, Natalie finds herself pregnant and has to adapt to life as a young mother in Texas.

Meanwhile, the other timeline shows how he went to LA to pursue his career. This science-fiction film with a slice of life drama theme feels real and can touch the hearts of the audience.

3. For those of you who need entertainment, watch the comedy series Unsuspicious which airs starting August 17.

This Brazilian series revolves around three women who are conned by a mysterious rich playboy. The three went to the playboy’s house with his family to get answers.

There they find that the man who tricked them has died. They are all suspects under investigation. The premise sounds serious, but Unsuspicious will present various funny scenes, both from the acting of the players and from the dialogue.

4. Are you a cat lover? Watch the documentary Inside the Mind of a Cat, which premieres August 18.

This documentary will feature cat experts revealing the true abilities of cats. In a duration of one hour and seven minutes, you will get information that is packed with fun.

From fun facts to tips for understanding cats better, this documentary will delve deeper into the life of these cute animals. Of course, Inside the Mind of a Cat will feature a number of adorable cats.

5. Tekken game fans, don’t miss Tekken: Bloodline which airs from August 18th.

This anime tells the story of Jin Kazama in his early years when he wanted to take revenge for the death of his mother. This ultimately leads him to a mission that leads him to become the king of the Iron Fist Tournament.

Not only Kazama, this video game adaptation series will also feature other familiar characters from Tekken. Starting from Heihachi Mishima, Leroy Smith, Kazuya Mishima, Phoenix, to Ogre.

6. Watch the award-winning Korean drama, Homemade Love Story, which starts on August 19.

Featuring Jin Ki-joo and Lee Jang-woo, Homemade Love Story is about two people who work in the same field, but have different views. Woo Jae-hee is a rich and independent architect who has problems with his father. One day, he meets a woman named Lee Bit Chae-woon who works in an interior design shop.

It turned out that both of them lived in the Samgwang Villa housing estate. Woo Jae-hee likes the place, but Lee Bit Chae-woon is the opposite. As the breadwinner of the family, Lee Bit Chae-woon sometimes feels burdened and wants to leave Samgwang Villa immediately. Full of twists and turns of life, watch the family drama between Jae-hee and Chae-woon in Homemade Love Story.

7. Watch the thriller series wrapped in mystery about two twins in Echoes which airs starting August 19.

This Australian series focuses on the story of Leni and Gina Dimitri, identical twins who always share a secret. As they grew older, they often switched lives. Living a double life full of secrets, things get complicated when one of the twins disappears.

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