7 Moonfall Facts: The Moon Will Fall on Earth?

The Moonfall online that has been released recently has further strengthened the conspiracy theory and the existence and all activities on the Moon. Speaking to Skynews, Moonfall director Roland Emerich admitted that the film, starring Halle Berry and Patrick Wilson, was inspired by the controversial book “Who Built the Moon”. It is known that the book “Who Built the Moon” is the work of Christopher Knight and Alan Butler.

In the book both believe the moon is not a natural celestial body. Instead the moon is an engineered product of earth scientists. Because the moon does not follow the rules of astrophysics. Even the whereabouts of the beginning of the moon were completely unclear. Moonfall ganzer film “I have read and indeed this film was very inspired by the book. It’s just that I tried a different approach to the existence of the moon. So I got to know more about conspiracy theories about the moon, which turned out to be very many,” explained Roland Emerich. According to Skynews, the film Moonfall tells the story of a mysterious force that can actually push the moon out of orbit. This displacement actually makes the moon move toward the earth.

It is depicted in the film that the moon will hit the earth with full force and will cause the apocalypse. In the film, it turns out that the moon is not a natural satellite for the earth.

Roland Emerich added that the controversial theory about the moon is indeed very crazy. Too much wild information movie that is very easy to get in the era of internet freedom. “I always tell myself that science has to back this up because it’s crazy, so crazy, that we have to work really hard on it,” said the director, who also made the films Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow.

7 Moonfall Movie Facts

1. Film Production Duration

The film “Moonfall” was made for 61 days. The period of time is relatively long because it was carried out during the Covid-19 pandemic. The movie “Moonfall” is made with full effect. However, when viewed from the trailer, the film “Moonfall” presents visuals that look real.

2. Director

Many have high expectations for the film “Moonfall” because it was directed by Roland Emmerich. This German filmmaker specializing in disaster and science fiction films wrote and directed the film “Moonfall” in Montreal, Canada. Emmerich wrote the screenplay with Harald Kloser and Spencer Cohen.

3. Hollow Moon Theory

The Hollow Moon theory became the main inspiration for Roland Emmerich in writing the “Moonfall” screenplay. One of the books Roland Emmerich read is “Who Built the Moon” by Christopher Knight and Alan Butler. The Hollow Moon theory believes that the moon is a large hollow sphere and has substantial interior space although there is not much evidence to support this.

4. Use GNS

The GNS (Guidance and Navigation Simulator) or space shuttle simulator is one of three devices used to train astronauts. GNS was used for the second space shuttle simulator of NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. The film “Moonfall” apparently uses GNS with NASA’s permission. This detail has apparently never been seen in any science fiction film.

5. The Movie of Destruction

Director Roland Emmerich has previously been known to direct such devastating films as “2012”, “Independence Day”, and “The Day After Tomorrow”. The film “Moonfall” apparently presents a mixture of the films “2012” and “Independence Day” with the story line that the earth is in danger of disappearing if the moon falls.

6. Production Budget

The trailer for the movie “Moonfall” offers stunning visuals. How not, the budget to produce the film “Moonfall” amounted to 146 million dollars, or around Rp. 2.1 trillion. As an independent film, the production budget is certainly so fantastic. https://www.mychemicalromance.com/news/synopsis-film-moonfall-when-moon-goes-out-orbit-and-threatens-earth-4007196

7. Main Role

Former astronaut Jo Fowler in “Moonfall” will be played by Halle Berry. The character played by Halle Berry was supposed to be a male. But the director felt there was nothing wrong with making Jo Fowler’s character a woman. Halle Berry was chosen because of her experience as an actress. Halle Berry was told that she immediately agreed to the role when she got an offer.

In addition to Halle Berry, Patrick Wilson, who is known for being part of the film “Conjuring”, plays former astronaut Brian Harper. While John Bradley plays K.C. Houseman who will be the ‘heart’ for the film “Moonfall”. His face is certainly no stranger to lovers of the “Game of Thrones” series.

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The presence of the Moonfall film which doubts the existence of the moon is nothing new. Those doubts have even been raised since NASA launched an expedition to the moon.

Another dubious film is Capricorn One, directed by Peter Hyams. The film mocks NASA’s success in sending their astronauts to the moon as a hoax. The film depicts the United States government trying to engineer the success of NASA astronauts to the planet Mars. > https://minimore.com/b/2IyPA/1

The existence of activity on the moon is also increasingly doubted when the famous director Stanley Kubrick is named as the person responsible for making the scene of two NASA astronauts, Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin setting foot on the moon. NASA itself does not care about the conspiracy theories. Roger Launius, NASA historian, said it happened because a lot of people enjoy teasing. “The internet has allowed a lot of controversies and conspiracies to thrive. Conspiracy theories about the moon hoax are part of that,” he explained. Dr Daniel Jolley, assistant professor of social psychology at the University of Nottingham, has studied conspiracy theories and believes there is a potential conspiracy theory in all of us. He said the conspiracy theories would depend a lot on the personality and the environment. “Blaming the world’s problems on a secret powerhouse arguably makes us feel a little better. So when you try to understand this one complex event, it actually makes you believe other conspiracy theories,” he explains.




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