7 Dramas starring Lee Jae Wook

The Korean drama or known as Drakor starring Lee Jae Wook Alchemy of Soul has now entered its 17th episode. Here are 7 dramas that he has starred in

In the drama Alchemy of Soul, Lee Jae Wook collided with the beautiful actress Jung So Min who played Naksu or Mu Deok.

It is known that Lee Jae Wook has starred in a number of dramas that are no less popular, the man born in Seoul on May 10, 1998 is 24 years old and has a height of 187 cm.

He has started his career in the world of acting since 2018 through a drama entitled Memories of The Alhambra. In this drama, Lee Jae Wook competes acting with famous South Korean artists such as Park Shin Hye, Park Chanyeol EXO, Hyun Bin and other players.

And in 2019 he successfully starred in the film The Battle of Jangsari and became the main actor in the film.

Quoted by North Times from portaljember.com, here are some of the dramas starring Lee Jae Wook in the following 7 dramas.

When The Weither Is Fine (2020)

In this drama Lee Jae Wook plays the role of Lee Jang Woo, After experiencing some bad events, Mok Hae-won (Park Min-young) leaves Seoul to go to Bookhyun Village in Gangwon Province where he lived as a child. There, he meets Im Eun-seob (Seo Kang-joon), a bookstore owner who lives a simple life.

Do Do La La Sol (2020)

In this drama he plays a tamed actor named Soonwoo Joon, a young man who is willing to work hard for the wishes of Goo Ra Ra (Go Ara). Goo Ra-ra (Go Ara) is a pianist who has a cheerful personality. One day, his family went bankrupt which made him frustrated because he had nothing. Meanwhile, Sun Woo-joon (Lee Jae-wook) is an indifferent person and doesn’t care what other people think of him. But actually he has a warm heart, a free spirit, and keeps many secrets. To make ends meet, he works part time. Ra-ra and Woo-jun meet at a private piano academy called LaLa Land in a small village. Ra-ra’s cheerful presence changes Woo-joon’s life.

In this drama, the man who was born in Seoul collided with Kim Hye Yoon (Eun Dan Oh).

Search: WWW (2019)

The series which aired last July 25, 2019 also starred Jang Ki Yong while Lee Jae Wook acted as Seol Ji Hwan

Memories Of The Alhambra (2018)

Marco Han is a very different role from his image in the drama Alchemy of Soul, because in this drama Lee Jae Wook’s appearance as a wandering ghost in a Game created by See Joo (Park Chanyeol).

True Beauty (2021)

Although not the main character, the drama, which also stars Cha Eun Woo, is fairly popular after Zico’s Key Donkey song went viral.

Alchemy of Soul (2022)

Lee Jang Wook’s latest drama, who plays a young Magician named Jang Uk.

This is a series of films starring Lee Jae Wook as Jang Uk in the South Korean drama series Alchemy of Soul.

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