7 Best Turkish Romantic Movies Must Watch

7 Best Turkish Romantic Movies Must Watch

Romantic Turkish films may be quite foreign to Indonesians who watching movies streaming, Western, or Korean shows more often. However, it turns out that romantic Turkish films have an exciting storyline, you know.

A fairly warm romance story combined with a fairly complicated conflict, of course, it’s a pity to miss. The following are recommendations for romantic Turkish films that can be an option.

1. Issiz Adam

The first Turkish New films recommendation that you can watch is Issiz Adam. This film tells the story of Alper and Ada who meet at a used bookstore. Alper is a male restaurant owner while Ada is a children’s costume designer.

Alper asked Ada several times on a date, but Ada refused. Until one day, Ada melted at the figure of Alper. This films 2022 highlights the problems that exist in relationships and mutual respect between couples.

2. Absolute Zamani

Mutluluk Zamani or Time of Happiness tells the story of Mert who lives happily regardless of the past and also Ada who is always worried and careful about the past. Having different principles, the meeting of the two is interesting for you to watching movies online.

3. Mrs. Iste Beer Yalnizlik Var

Mehmet, a musician who is an expert in playing the guitar, joins a band. In his 30s, he had a life away from music and divorced his wife.

He later became a guitar teacher and opened a guitar repair shop to survive. Mehmet lives with his friend Ayse and her husband.

One day, Ayse had a big fight with her husband until he left the house. After that, Mehmet meets Ayse which makes the story of the two more interesting.

4. Kelebegin Rüyasi

The Butterfly’s Dream or Kelebegin Rüyasi has a background in Turkey in 1940.

In this film, two young poets live in the middle of World War II. The poems they make can make money to continue their lives, until they finally fall in love with their respective idol girls.

5. ans knuckle

kinci ans tells the story of a teacher who has experienced failure in marriage. He is afraid to be in a relationship with new people.

The teacher then met the owner of a meat restaurant named Cemal. Their love story is so interesting, but also quite heartbreaking. They went through all the trials together.

6. Ask Tesadüfleri Sever

Ask Tesadüfleri Sever is set in 1977. At that time, a man drove his wife who was about to give birth to the hospital.

However, on the way, their car was hit by a man who was going to take his wife with the same goal, namely giving birth.

After that, the children of the two couples were born in the same hospital, until finally the children separated from each other. When 25 years later, fate brings them both together with an interesting story.

7. Sadece Sen

Ali, a former professional boxer, feels both traumatized and lonely in his life. He felt his past life was full of violence. Some time later, Ali meets Hazal, a blind girl.

Hazal invites Ali to be friends, but Ali flatly refuses. Not giving up, Hazal continued to support Ali and made his heart melt. This love story full of twists and turns is very interesting to watch.

Those are the recommendations for the best romantic films of all time that you must watch online.

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