7 Anime Characters whose Strengths Can Increase Infinitely

One of the most dangerous abilities in the anime world is the limitless growth of power levels. If the possessors of this ability were left alone, their level could soar to an invincible level.

Who are the characters whose strength can go up insanely? Check out the discussion below!

1. Saitama – One Punch Man

It is common knowledge that Saitama is so strong that it only takes one punch to destroy all the monsters.

He is even shown to be almost never serious because there is no opponent who can keep up with him.

What’s crazy again? If against an enemy who can give him a bit of a challenge, Saitama’s abilities will still rise.

It lasted until the moment he fought Cosmic Fear Garou. That’s where it was revealed that Saitama’s strength was increasing every time in their fight so Garou couldn’t keep up with the bald hero’s level of strength for a long time.

2. Broly – Dragon Ball Super

As a Legendary Super Saiyan, Broly is one of those rare cases where his strength from birth alone is equivalent to that of an elite Saiyan.

His abilities will develop if Broly engages in battle with a strong enemy. Indeed this one Saiyan will be cornered but his strength will grow and turn against his opponent.

Also noteworthy: the fight in Dragon Ball Super: Broly is Broly’s first time fighting Goku and Vegeta-level enemies. Still as the battle progressed, his strength continued to rise.

His strength will immediately soar as soon as Broly gets a psychological attack like when he witnessed his father being killed.

So strong, Goku and Vegeta alone have to become Gogeta with Super Saiyan Blue mode to compensate.

Broly also feels like a Saiyan with the most potential to become the strongest figure in the universe. He just needs to be trained.

3. Issei Hyoudou – Highschool DxD

This young man is known to have a special Longinus artifact called Boosted Gear.

This Longinus has the ability to double its power every second. Because of this great ability, Issei himself is predicted to be able to bring down the gods.

To make him even more horrified, Issei has also mastered the power of Ophis, the dragon Ouroboros and accesses a number of modes that have the potential to destroy the planet if he doesn’t restrain himself.

It’s just that, as a dragon and a demon, Issei is still vulnerable to the power of angels and dragon-slayer swords.

4. Kars – Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures: Battle Tendency

At first, Kars has a basic weakness like his partner as the Pillar Men, namely the sun.

However, after successfully obtaining the Super Aja stone and combining it with the stone mask, Kars managed to evolve to a new level.

He became immune to sunlight and could even manipulate his body into the form of another creature. Kars is also known to master Hamon which is much stronger than the normal version.

Thanks to increased intelligence and biological manipulation, Kars can continue to evolve and adapt to all extreme conditions.

Unfortunately, he lost instead after being thrown into space and frozen to stone.

5. Notorious B.I.G – Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures: Golden Wind

One of the reasons this Stand is on the list is that it only activates once its owner dies.

Notorious B.I.G has some terrifying abilities, namely absorbing energy from its prey and absolute reaction to object speed.

So, the greater the energy and speed of an object, the strength of this Stand will also grow with it.

So strong, Bucciarati’s group could only throw him into the sea without being able to defeat him.

6. Escanor – Nanatsu no Taizai

One member of the Seven Deadly Sins is known to have a sun-type Grace.

This Grace effect makes Escanor’s power increase every second until it reaches noon.

So strong, even the demons were afraid every time they faced this one knight.

However, Escanor’s strength will decrease once the sun begins to tilt to the west. He had to wait until the sun rose again to increase his strength again.

7. Kuro Momotaro – Yu Yu Hakusho

One of Hiei’s enemies has an ability that could make the main character difficult.

He has a body memory ability that allows him to grow stronger with absolute immunity to any attacks that ever hit him.

In essence, Momotaro cannot be beaten with the same technique if he survives the move. The more attacks he managed to block, the more his strength and immunity level would increase drastically.

The only way to defeat Momotaro was a powerful attack technique that had to overthrow him before adapting.

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