6 Recommended Horror Movies That Make You Tension When Watching It

Even though it’s scary and often creates tension during broadcast, recommendations for good horror films are always sought after. This is natural because entertainment does not only come from happy shows. Horror films full of jump scares can actually offer their own fun.

This horror movie recommendation is made to trigger your adrenaline. Especially if you know the information that the film is based on a true story. The information will obviously bring its own sensation when watching it.

If you feel horrified when you just read this horror film recommendation, it is recommended to invite other people to watch it. Sometimes, the presence of other people will slightly alleviate the effects of the horror that may occur. So, so as not to be curious, just take a look at the following list of thrilling horror films.

1. THE CONJURING Film Series (2013-2021)

THE CONJURING is a supernatural horror film which is also quite popular in Indonesia. Of course, this title is included in the recommendation of a horror film that makes the audience fear themselves. This film tells the story of a paranormal investigation to help a family solve various mystical events.


This film was first released in 2013 and has managed to attract many fans to this day. Now this film has entered season 3 which officially aired last September 2021. The jump scare presented in it seems to make the audience addicted. Moreover, the suspenseful story is said to be taken from the true story of exorcists like Ed and Lorraine Warren.

2. SAM WAS HERE (2016)

The film SAM WAS HERE takes place in 1998. The character is named Sam, a salesman who travels through California. He’s there to find someone to prospect. Unfortunately, the place was completely deserted. Things got worse when the car broke down.

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Sam was in an uninhabited area and that kept him out of contact with humans for days. He starts getting terror and suddenly someone appears to kill him. How did Sam deal with the situation? Watch for yourself and this recommendation of the horror film SAM WAS HERE will not disappoint.


Not only THE CONJURING, THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE is also based on a true story. This unfortunate mystical story happened to a woman named Anneliese Michel in the 1950s. The complexity of the death case makes it worthy of being included in the recommendation of horror films that you must watch.

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This film tells the story of a woman named Emily Rose. He died after following an exorcism ritual. However, there are lawyers who do not believe the cause of death was possession. He also investigates the case and accuses a priest of killing Emily.

4. SINISTER (2012)

The film SINISTER is about Ellison, a writer who experiences a career setback. Therefore, he tried to increase his creativity by moving house. Deliberately, he chose a house that was the site of a murder in order to get ideas for his next novel.

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Of course Ellison kept the history of the house a secret from his family. However, after a few days of living there, they began to feel strange occurrences. As time went on the terror became clearer and the ghosts of the children kept on bothering him. For those of you who like prolonged ghost terror, this horror film recommendation should not be missed.

5. US (2019)

In US films, you can see the story of a family vacation that was supposed to be fun but turned into a disaster. One night while on vacation, a mysterious group of people attack the family’s rental house. There were several families on vacation, including the Wilsons and Tylers.

Not only two families were attacked, but also all visitors. The strange thing is that the faces of that group of people have the same faces in every family.


Watch this film to find out the people’s struggle against terror from this twin-faced killer. The series of mysteries in it make this story included in the list of horror movie recommendations that you shouldn’t watch.


You need to be prepared for a scene full of blood if you want to watch this horror movie recommendation. As the title suggests, the film THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE does tell the story of a family who works as an officer who dissects corpses. The officers consisting of father and son must have been accustomed to dealing with various kinds of corpses.

However, the presence of a mysterious corpse named Jane Do changes everything. If you are ready to face the horror that is presented, just watch this film.

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