Father Stu Iron Fist Pastor Faith…turns a bad person into a priest

Picked up to review today, it’s a movie that has just been released at True ID. with the drama movie is interjected with the power of faith and in changing and finding life. This is a role playing that is considered different from the original image of “Marc Wahlberg” , the action figure that movie fans are familiar with because this is “Father Stu” , a movie that tells about the changing order of life. from one critical turning point to another The office delivers a huge amount of inspiration directly to the audience.

Father Stu tells the story of Stuart Long, a former boxer who is forced to hang up his gloves due to poor health. He decided to head into the big city. to pursue his dream of becoming an actor But he stumbled upon this beautiful woman who introduced him to a devout life in the Catholic Church. and when he miraculously survived a motorcycle accident So he was determined to be a pastor. to spread religious teachings and help others, even though almost none of the people around him believed and believed in him.

This movie is inspired by the true story of a pastor who has created great faith among people. The film is directed and written by a rising female director, Rosalind Ross, who is considered her first major feature film. Which is considered the first work that came out quite satisfactory. Although the scale of this time is quite heavy on many elements. The end result makes the movie look a bit bulkier. with the storytelling that is not yet outstanding and the rhythm of the movie that is not as erotic as it should be

It might be said that Father Stu is a very Christian film. by perhaps not teaching a religion like but incorporating various beliefs and beliefs in Christianity throughout the story It’s not a lot of humiliation. But what the movie inserts into it is an idea in many aspects of life. especially the bonds between families through which the main characters reflect that many obstacles will be overcome by supporting each other

Father Stu might be a movie that lacks a bit of brevity. This movie, which dragged on for 2 full hours, took almost an hour to cover the story. And that means that before the movie can start the engine. rather, not lightly If the movie had to adjust the content and tell the story a little more concisely than this. Cut off unnecessary drama, many things that stagnate. It should help adjust the movie to not look as stretchy as this.

This team of actors is considered to be a big number, not least Mark Wahlberg, who after a period of time he began to take on scripts that were more challenging with his career. Not in a circle, but the original action movies turned to more dramatic movies. And this movie is considered that he has shown his own acting potential to another level. Although the roles and characters that he has received It may not be perfect yet. But he was able to carry his own role in this movie. From the start until the last scene Although the performance that came out, there was nothing to remember.

While the movie also featured heavyweights “Mel Gibson” and “Jackie Weaver” who became characters that were more important than the movie came to the end, it was unfortunately abandoned. But nonetheless, they were able to carry out their duties well by standards. and helped to support the film in the direction the movie was supposed to go Even if there is not any point that has been glorified and released much of the show’s official But their contributing duties were satisfactory.

Let’s just say that as a whole, Father Stu is a drama that inserts the belief in the doctrine of Christianity quite impressively to some extent. The film may be related to religious issues. Christians are more likely to feel in it. Still, it’s not difficult for anyone of any religion to watch this movie and get a feel for the life of this man. This is a dramatic movie with a clear message. just that the presentation may lack a bit of charm Storytelling that has almost no strong points. It makes a leather that tastes quite bland and astringent at times. But in the end, the movie was left with great inspiration, just like the monk intended to be…

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