5 Recommended Animated Movies To Watch With Family

Animated films are always popular with people of all ages. Apart from being entertainment in the dark, animated films also have good educational value for children. Animated films always have a colorful appearance and sometimes can show a different drama content from films starring real actors or so-called live action. In addition, animated films also seem to be more free to create various surreal conditions and mix realistic and fantasy sides without being hindered by any limitations. Everything can be created in a space containing moving images, which are then complemented by various interesting visual effects, stunning voice acting, and stories that are often told in an attractive way.

But apart from that, in its development, animated films no longer only show the fantasy side of a story. There are various kinds of messages and social phenomena that are now starting to be incorporated into the story, which are then processed in such a way as to remain easily digested by young audiences. Although it is not a few who later make the film or animated series more suitable to be categorized as adult animation because the story content is too mature. There are several things that cause animated films today not only to focus on an adventure story that is magical, exciting, and easy to digest. However, it also includes a social message as well as a social phenomenon that is relatable to the current world conditions, perhaps even for years to come. The first is because through animated films, messages and social phenomena can be conveyed implicitly so that they can be more easily digested through stories that are wrapped lightly.

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The second is because through animated films, the creator is able to create a picture of a situation that might be difficult or very expensive if made in a live action version. Finally, in animated films designed for all ages, social messages and descriptions of social phenomena are intended to be more easily digested by the audience of children. So that the message is expected to be absorbed by the audience at the earliest possible age. List of educational animated films So, what films or animated series allow us to see social phenomena in the midst of these colorful and magical stories? So, here are some examples of films and animated series that show social phenomena and can be educational for our children and grandchildren because the stories are timeless.

1. Wall-E (2008)

Of course, we certainly know the story of this little robot garbage collector. In addition to its funny appearance and almost no dialogue throughout the film, the animation produced and distributed by Disney-Pixar 13 years ago clearly illustrates how terrible the condition of the world is when humans are filled with greed, unrestrained consumerism, and indifference to environmental conditions. Earth becomes a giant garbage pool which in the end can no longer be lived in and enjoyed. Wall-E’s adventure stories and love stories with other robots may be just a sweetener. But the gruesome picture of a world covered in trash is definitely an implicit message that conveys very well to its viewers.


2. Up (2009)

“Up” also became an animated film produced and distributed by Disney-Pixar 12 years ago. An animation that is not only beautiful visually but also in terms of storytelling. “Up” clearly describes the social phenomenon in two ways. An internal side of Carl who ages in solitude and later realizes that the true adventure in life is having good relationships with other people. And as much as possible to defend it before realizing the goodness after the person is gone. Meanwhile, from the external side, it is a picture of modern environmental conditions which are quite toxic and do not side with the weak. And how the world values ​​the construction of high-rise buildings more than the history and happiness of the people on the land they own.

3. The Breadwinner (2017)

This 2D animated film, produced by Angelina Jolie, tells the story of the conditions in Afghanistan which is controlled by the Taliban. Through the eyes of an 11-year-old girl, Parvana, who is forced to become a breadwinner (someone who makes money for her family) in the midst of tense war conditions. “The Breadwinner” is so realistic because we are invited to feel the fear, confusion, and courage of Parvana which continues to grow from the beginning to the end of the story.


In addition, we are also invited to see how the culture of Afghan women and how every sacrifice they make for their families becomes so important as well as touching and touching. This film seems to tell the story in an atmosphere of mourning.

4. Grave of the Fireflies (1988)

This anime film made by Studio Ghibli has a story that is quite dark and heavy when witnessed by children. Even though the scribbles are colorful and eye-catching, typical of Studio Ghibli, the real picture of how evil a war is and the terrible effects that followed may be traumatic when witnessed by children. This animation is also based on a semi-biographical short story by Akiyuki Nosaka. The story is based on real experiences that he experienced before, during, and after the bombing in the city of Kobe, in 1945. This makes this film even more realistic and touching.

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5. Japan Sinks: 2020 (2020)

Japan Sinks: 2020″ is an anime series produced by Netflix that depicts the condition of Japan that has been drowned by disasters in the modern era. A sci-fi story wrapped in adult animation that is interesting because it clearly provides an overview of the social conditions of society that may occur during and after the disaster. “Japan Sinks: 2020” provides a social phenomenon when natural disasters are far more terrible than natural disasters themselves, because of human nature that is out of control when the world no longer has rules. Theft, murder, rape, and various other immoral acts blanketed the Japanese who lived counting the days until it was completely devoured by the ocean.

Of course, there are many more films or animated series that include various social phenomena as additional spices in storytelling full of captivating magical adventures. However, the 5 examples above are just a little proof that even films with heavy social phenomena insertion can actually be made into light stories that are full of color and various actions that are not only fun but also funny.

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