5 Reasons You Should Watch The Sea Beast, Netflix Animated Film

After successfully stealing attention through Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Childhood (2022), Netflix Animation has released their latest animated film entitled The Sea Beast (2022). Aired since last July 8 on Netflix, this film was warmly welcomed by movie fans.

The reason is, behind the conflict between humans and sea monsters that it carries, The Sea Beast also contains various important messages related to today’s conditions.

However, that’s not the only factor that makes this Chris Williams-directed film worthy of your attention, you know. The following five reasons are also guaranteed to make you even more tempted to watch The Sea Beast. Come on, see!

1. Fronted by Chris Williams, the filmmaker behind the success of a number of Disney animated films

Talking about Chris Williams, fans of animated films must already know who he is. Yep, the filmmaker born in Missouri, United States is the person behind the success of Disney animated films, such as Bolt (2008), Big Hero 6 (2014), to Moana (2018).

Therefore, it is not surprising that The Sea Beast is thick with Moana-style nuances in some parts, especially the chemistry between the two protagonists, namely Maisie and Jacob. Feels like seeing an alternative version of Moana and Maui, right!

2. With Sony Pictures Imageworks as a collaborator, the animation details are amazing!

Since the era of Over the Moon (2020), Netflix Animation has started to collaborate with Sony Pictures Imageworks as a collaborator. Not an arbitrary name, the studio has worked on CGI for a number of Marvel Studios films, including Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021) and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022).

Various improvements were made and the results can be seen in The Sea Beast. Not only beautiful, the ocean used as the background of the story also looks terrible when the monsters rampage. You are also amazed by the animation details that are presented, aren’t you?

3. Unique concept, combine pirate and kaiju theme

Actually, the pirate theme is nothing new in animated films. Previously, there was The Pirates! Band of Misfits (2012) to the film series How to Train Your Dragon (2010-2019) which successfully stole the attention. However, what if the theme is combined with the story of a giant monster aka kaiju?

In The Sea Beast, Williams managed to present both themes in the right portion. Uniquely, the presentation of the pirates (in this film called monster hunters) still feels fierce—the scenes of sewing wounds and slashing the monster’s body are tricked in such a way as to make it comfortable for children to watch.

On the other hand, the various monster designs have also successfully become the main attraction. Ranging from cute, like Blue, to colossal, like Red Bluster.

The monster battle scenes can indeed be counted on the fingers. But make no mistake, every appearance can be executed powerfully by Williams.

4. Voiced by a line of top actors, the characters come alive!

As mentioned above, the chemistry between Maisie and Jacob also gives color to the storyline of The Sea Beast. This was made possible thanks to the slick spirit of the two voice actors, namely Zaris-Angel Hator and Karl Urban. Not only does it feel real, the interaction between the two has succeeded in making hearts warm.

Apart from them, this film is also enlivened by a number of top actors, namely Jared Harris, Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Jim Carter, and Dan Stevens. Harris is convincing as the ruthless Captain Crow, while Jean-Baptiste manages to inject a cool aura into Sarah Sharpe’s character.

5. Not only full of adventure, The Sea Beast is also rich in crucial messages

Universally, The Sea Beast invites young viewers to preserve nature, especially the sea. Exploring the sea is perfectly permissible, but it would be nice if it was accompanied by a sense of responsibility. By being responsible, we also indirectly help maintain the balance of nature.

Remarkably, this film did not forget to slip an important message for adult audiences. Although not complex, the script by Williams and Nell Benjamin managed to satirize about propaganda. Moreover, in today’s sophisticated era, checking the truth of the news is very important so as not to be consumed by hoaxes.

With its brilliant visuals, story, and message, it’s no exaggeration to include The Sea Beast in the list of the best animated films this year. In fact, several well-known media predict the success of The Sea Beast in the Oscars next year.

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