5 K-Pop Themed Animated Movies You Should Know

As the popularity of K-pop increases worldwide, Hollywood studios are also interested in bringing up stories about the world of K-pop idols. There are at least four films and one confirmed series to be made. One of them has even aired through the major studios Disney-Pixar. Here is the list.

1. Turning Red

This animated film by Pixar tells the story of a 13-year-old Chinese teenager named Mei who lives in Canada. He lives with Ming, his mother who raised him hard. Because of this, Mei hides her interest in the boy band 4*Town. Mei’s story was inspired by the story of the film’s director, namely Domee Shi, who is also of Chinese descent and lives in Canada.

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In an interview with Billboard Japan, Domee admitted that the five-member figure of 4*Town was inspired by BIG BANG and 2PM, two groups from the 2nd generation of K-pop which were his favorites as a teenager. Meanwhile, when interviewed by Peruvian media Trome, he also admitted that BTS contributed to portraying the character appearance and story of the boy group 4*Town. “I want to recreate the boy group culture that teenage girls love in this film,” said the 34-year-old director. Turning Red can be seen on cinema chains and Disney+.

2. K-Pop: Demon Hunters

Besides Disney, another major Hollywood studio that is captivated by the story of K-pop idols is Sony Pictures Animation. They plan to work on an animated action film titled K-Pop: Demon Hunters. As the title suggests, this film will tell the story of members of a K-pop girl group who fight against evil forces when they are not on stage.


As director, there is Maggie Kang, the figure behind the success of The LEGO Ninjago Movie(2017). “(film) This is my love letter to K-pop and my roots as a Korean,” he told Variety. Meanwhile, as a producer, there is Aron Warner who has overseen the popular film Shrek. The film is said to be celebrating all things K-pop and Korea, from music, fashion, and food.

3. My Summer in Seoul

The series is adapted from the novel by Rachel Van Dyken. The story is about a Korean-American woman who builds friendships and falls in love with a member of the boy group SWT, one of the biggest K-pop groups in the world, while working at a record label in Korea.


The series will be produced by Los Angeles-based O4 Entertainment, and has produced series such as Nurturing, Healing Love and The Royals Next Door. Citing Deadline, the series, which is planned to air this year, is a combination of the Emily in Paris series and To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before.

4. Seoul Girls

Actress Rebel Wilson will direct the comedy film Seoul Girls, which was financed by studio Lionsgate. The story is about a Korean-American high school student who and his friends audition to be the opening act for a popular K-pop boy band.

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Not only directing, the film star of Pitch Perfect, Isn’t It Romantic, and The Hustle will also play, write the screenplay, and be the producer of Seoul Girls.

5. K-Pop: Lost in America

This film is not a Hollywood studio production, but is set in America and directed by award-winning Hollywood producer Lynda Obst (Interstellar film). The creator is the entertainment giant in South Korea, CJ entertainment. The film’s story is about a boy group who accidentally lands in Texas, United States, two days before their global debut in New York. The plan is that the cast of this film will be taken from real K-pop idols. Meanwhile, the director is Yoon Je-kyoon, who is famous for the blockbuster films Haeundae/Tidal Wave (2009) and Ode to My Father (2014). The film is slated for release in 2023.




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