5 Interesting Facts About The Witcher Series Starring Henry Cavill

Finally, the second season of THE WITCHER series, starring Henry Cavill, has aired on Netflix. The second season will come with 8 episodes, each episode lasting approximately 1 hour.

Telling the story of a witcher warrior named Geralt of Rivia, the story of THE WITCHER is based on the Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski’s novel of the same name. Previously, this story has been adapted into a video game that is quite popular.

In addition to THE WITCHER series, which is full of twists and turns and interesting characters, various things from the behind-the-scenes process have a myriad of interesting facts. So just take a look at 7 interesting facts from the THE WITCHER series.

1. Henry Forced His Agent For This Role

In order to get the role of Geralt, Henry Cavill himself actively did everything possible to get this role. He repeatedly asked his agent to meet with Netflix. Eventually, Netflix agreed to hold a meeting with him, but then-executive producer and writer Lauren Schmidt turned it down because he hadn’t written a single word of the script and had no idea what the series would be like.
After 4 months, Schmidt tested 207 actors for Geralt but couldn’t find a single match. Eventually, she met Cavill again for an audition. It was then that he knew right away that Cavill was a good fit as Geralt. Cavill also got the news that he got the role in the evening.

2. Henry Reduces His Dialogue

Henry Cavill’s performance was so spot on that he didn’t even need a lot of dialogue written for this character, writer and host Lauren Schmidt told IMDB. “In the first episode, I wrote Geralt with a lot of lines. Henry recorded them all, and in editing we started to omit some of them”


“By the time we got to the finale of season one, we didn’t even record half the dialogue because we knew there was so much Henry could do with Geralt that didn’t need my words.” Henry himself is a fan of the series including the novels and video games. Even Henry admits that he took inspiration from Geralt’s voice from his video game series.

3. Henry Does All His Own Actions Too

Although Henry Cavill is not Jackie Chan or Tom Cruise who does a lot of dangerous stunts. But in this series Henry actually does all his actions alone without a stuntman. So good was his swordsmanship that he was praised by the veteran stuntman who designed the fight scenes in THE WITCHER.


Vladimir Furdik, the veteran stuntman who designed the fights in GAME OF THRONES, said that Henry Cavill was the best he had seen in his decades-long career. Furdik spoke at length at Comic-Con East Europe 2019 about the “dancing” fighting style he created for Cavill’s character Geralt, “I think Netflix made a very good decision to give Henry the role because I don’t know anyone else in the world who looks like THE WITCHER. Or any actor, who has as much sword experience as Henry.”

4. Henry was seriously injured

While undergoing the action, Henry had suffered a fairly severe injury. At that time Henry Cavill was undergoing a scene running through the woods. But suddenly, while the scene was still being filmed, Cavill stopped. Henry’s hamstring was torn and he was in pain because of it. Eventually he had to rest and controlled physical exercise was still needed for recovery.


Despite being in excruciating pain, Henry Cavill sticks to a hectic schedule where he does physical therapy in the morning so that he can arrive on the set of THE WITCHER by 7am and ensure that production is not hampered. But at the same time, he was very afraid that if he kept pushing himself, he might exacerbate his injury and unwittingly jeopardize his career as an action star.

5. Executive Producers Don’t Want To At First

Executive producer Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, initially refused to work on this series. When he read THE LAST WISH, the first book of the original story, he thought he was not “the right man” for the job, mainly because he was inexperienced with fantasy.


But luckily when he reads the book again and he finds that this series does not completely have fantasy elements, because this film also still has a family story of 3 main characters. he finally accepted the job.

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