5 Interesting Facts About The Moonfall Movie That Tells About The Fall Of The Moon To Earth

For fans of science fiction films, Moonfall might be an interesting choice. Moonfall has an action, adventure and fantasy genre produced by Lionsgate and produced by Emmerich with Harald Kloser.

Launching the Film Censorship Institute (LSF), Moonfall tells about the fall of the moon from orbit due to loss of gravity due to mysterious forces in outer space. .

When the world is on the verge of collapse, the three of them plan to save the earth by leaving their loved ones to outer space. Curious what are the facts from this  MOONFALL (2022) movie? Here’s the full review.

1. Director who specializes in disaster films

The director Roland Emmerich is indeed known as a science fiction filmmaker with the theme of disaster or massive scale damage. Some of his films such as Independence Day, Godzila, The Day After Tommorow to the controversial one, 2012. The Moonfall has a duration of 130 minutes with an age rating of 13. years and over.

2. SpaceX rocket is said to be hitting the moon

In the real world, a rocket belonging to Elon Musk’s company, SpaceX is reportedly about to crash and explode on the moon. The space object is called Falcon 9 Booster, which was launched in 2015 and has completed its mission.

However, after completing the mission, the rocket ran out of fuel to return to earth, so it remained in space. For information, Falcon 9 is part of the SpaceX space exploration program. SpaceX itself is a commercial rocket company that was originally intended for humans to live on other planets.

3. Inspired by Hollow Moon theory

Roland Emmerich as the director shared the story that the Hollow Moon theory was his main inspiration when working on CELÝ FILM MOONFALL (2022). He read several books on the concept, such as Who Built the Moon by Christopher Knight and Alan Butler. Then, he managed to make his version of the theory to work on this film.

4. Shows the destruction of civilization

In the trailer for Moonfall, many things are shown through the audiovisuals shown. Muai from the world on the verge of destruction, civil unrest and a huge explosion. Amazingly, the director made the moon fall and destroy whatever was in front of it. Now, I’m more interested in watching this MOONFALL (2022) ONLINE movie.

5. Played by talented players

Not only amazing audiovisuals, Moonfall also stars multitalented players in the film field. Call it actress Halle Berry and actor Patrick Wilson lined up to play the main character Moonfall. Berry will play Jo Fowler, a former astronaut who discovers the potentially deadly danger.

Patrick Wilson will play aviator Brian Harper. The two of them join a mission to stop the moon’s gravity, which wants to destroy the earth. Next, there is John Bradley, he plays the character of K.C Houseman, a conspiracy theorist. The three then band together to save the destruction. So, how will their actions continue in MOONFALL (2022) CELÝ FILM ? Watch the film in theaters!

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