5 Facts about Kim Min Ha, Lee Min Ho’s main opponent

Kim Min Ha gained popularity after starring in the Korean drama directed by Apple TV Pachinko. His hot scene with Lee Min Ho became the spotlight of netizens and fans.
The Korean drama Pachinko follows the story of Kim Min Ha as Sunja in his teens. She is pregnant with Lee Min Ho’s ‘child’ who is married and has three children. Pachinko also marked the debut of Kim Min Ha and his co-star on the international scene.

Here are the facts of Kim Min Ha, the main player of the Korean drama Pachinko:

1. Early Career Kim Min Ha

Kim Min Ha made his acting debut in 2016 through the Korean drama Two Girls Season 2. He was also a supporting actor in the dramas Korea School 2017 and Partners for Justice.

The 26-year-old actress began to flood with acting offers after joining the Saram Entertainment agency which houses a number of famous artists such as Honey Lee, Gong Myung, and her idol Han Ye Ri.

In 2020, Kim Min Ha starred in four films including Main Street, Killer Swell: Our Space, The Call, and Homecoming.

2. Memorize Movie and Cartoon Dialogue

The actress did not know exactly when she wanted to become an actress. But since childhood, Kim Min Ha has always imitated the dialogues of films and cartoons he watched. He is a Disney movie lover who really likes the films Beauty and the Beast and Finding Nemo.

“Honestly, there is no certain moment or age when I want to be an actress. Since I was a child, whenever I watched a movie or cartoon, I always watched it until I memorized the lines. I even imitated the lines. So… the film naturally stuck in my head,” said Kim Min Ha in his profile interview video.

3. Ambition to Learn Acting

Kim Min Ha’s interest in acting began when he was in elementary school. The actress who was born on September 1, 1995, originally wanted to be a voice actress. In the end, Kim Min Ha told his mother that he just wanted to major in Theater and Film.

“When I was in elementary school, my dream was to become a voice actress. I also went to voice acting school. I really like making voices when I’m alone.”

“Then, ‘If it’s not Theater and Film major, we’ll just go home’. I made a statement like that to my mother. If I remember correctly, I might have started acting since then,” recalled the Hanyang University graduate.

4. Practice for the Pachinko Audition

Kim Min Ha spent months preparing for the Pachinko audition. It’s not surprising that Lee Min Ho’s co-star was so enthusiastic when he was chosen as the teenage Sunja.

“I spent almost 3-4 months for this audition. It was fun, but also stressful. And when I passed the last audition, even just watching the audition, I thought a lot ‘I don’t regret’. It felt very relieved,” he added.

5. Dive into the Character with Grandma

The Korean drama Pachinko is set in the 1910s when South Korea was colonized by Japan. Kim Min Ha also asked his grandmother’s experience who lived at that time to explore her character as Sunja.

“He explained to me what it was like to be a woman in that era. How people actually lived at that time. I could hardly find my character if it wasn’t for my grandmother,” Kim Min Ha told Harper’s Bazaar.

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