5 Documentaries on Netflix that Realize the Importance of Protecting the Environment

More and more we hear about the issue of environmental damage, the climate crisis, to global warming which affects the lives of all living things on earth. To increase our awareness of the damage issue, you can add insight by watching a documentary that specifically reviews the causes of the damage to our homes. Here are 5 Netflix documentaries with the theme of environmental damage that you can choose from.

1. Seaspiracy (2021)

The film, made by director Ali Tabrizi, has a duration of 2 hours. He told about his travels to various places that show the damage to marine ecosystems. This happens due to the greed and cruelty of humans in treating marine animals.

This film also reveals the facts behind the world’s fishing industry which turns out to be the main enemy of the underwater ecosystem. Excessive use of marine animals, plastic waste in the sea and the use of tiger nets not only have an impact on life in the water but also the sustainability of life on earth as a whole.

2. A Life on Our Planet (2020)

Presented by renowned narrator David Attenborough, this film tells of the state of nature and the earth when he was a child until 2020 which experienced many changes due to the climate crisis. Because of his various experiences living with nature, this film is a witness statement from David Attenborough towards nature and future generations.

3. Kiss the Ground (2020)

This documentary tells the story of how the land can become barren which causes dust storms. How farmers treat the land in various ways for hundreds of years without paying attention to the effects of damage such as the use of pesticides and crop failures experienced. This film also reminds us to improve the soil so that it can absorb water and store carbon better.

4. A Plastic Ocean (2016)

This film by Craig Leeson shows the sad reality of the destruction of the homes of sea dwellers. The garbage is the cause of changing the food chain of marine animals because it is considered as food. At first, Craig aimed to find the elusive blue whale, but instead he found a lot of plastic waste entering the ocean.

The beach in Sri Lanka, which has been closed for 30 years, should still be beautiful, but the reality is different. Craig explores 20 places with scientists to find the causes, consequences, and solutions to these problems.

5. Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret (2014)

Cowspiracy reveals the fact of the destruction of the earth through the livestock industry that causes global warming problems. This stems from the increasing demand for meat consumption, especially beef, so that the livestock industry is trying to meet this demand by cutting down millions of hectares of tropical forest for land and a huge waste of water.

This film also tells that the world’s leading environmental organizations do not dare to campaign as a form of resistance because they are getting threats from business mafias.

Those are five interesting environmental-themed documentaries that you can watch on Netflix. Enjoy watching!

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