5 Best Netflix Movies in 2021 Various Genres You Must Watch

Quite a lot of people make watching movies as a hobby. Naturally, because watching movies is a very fun thing. Now to watch movies, you don’t need to go to the cinema anymore. Because there are many recommendations for the best netflix movies that you can watch at home or wherever you are.

On netflix, we can even watch the best movie recommendations from year to year. Yes, Netflix does provide the best movie viewing from various years, from various countries, to various genres. So, you can find the best Netflix movie recommendations according to your choice and desire.

Curious, are there any movies that are included in the list of the best netflix movie recommendations? Instead of getting curious, just check the list below


INCEPTION is a film by director Christopher Nolan. The INCEPTION film also stars well-known actors and actresses such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Michael Caine, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, llen Page, to Tom Hardy.

INCEPTION has an exciting story with a slightly complicated but interesting plot to follow. This film tells the story of a spy who steals information by entering a dreamland. In the year of its release, INCEPTION won 4 Oscars.

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Released in 2010, INCEPTION is still one of the best science fiction films ever made. Therefore, don’t be surprised if INCEPTION is included in the list of the best netflix movie recommendations that you must watch.


In contrast to INCEPTION, which is a science fiction genre, the next best netflix movie recommendation is included in the drama genre. However, this second recommendation is still a pity to miss. The reason is, at the time of its release, MARRIAGE STORY was also discussed. Not only that, MARRIAGE STORY is also a film that made it into 6 Oscar categories.

MARRIAGE STORY shows the love story of a married couple who are on the verge of divorce. Although it sounds cliché, the story and plot of MARRIAGE STORY will be able to enchant the audience to feel the emotions felt by Charlie and Nicole, the two characters in this film. The scene of a long debate that led to the divorce agreement had gone viral because it felt so real.

But not only carried away by emotions, the audience will also be swept away until they can cry profusely. Therefore, don’t forget to prepare tissues before watching this best Netflix movie recommendation!


Especially for you horror lovers, there is one film that must be watched on netflix! The best movie recommendation on netflix is ​​THE PLATFORM. This film is a Spanish film that is quite stealing the attention. Besides horror, THE PLATFORM is also a science fiction genre.

THE PLATFORM tells the story of life in a sophisticated residential tower. Uniquely, in the residential tower there is an unfair system in terms of food distribution. Food will only be distributed via a podium which is moved downwards.

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People who are on the top floor, can take food as they please. On the other hand, the people at the bottom will only get leftovers, or even get no share at all. This is where the conflict comes from, as hunger turns the people on the lower floors even more savage.


This next Netflix movie recommendation is still relatively new because it was only released at the end of 2021. SPENCER is the umpteenth film that tells about the life of Princess Diana.

But not only telling stories about love life, SPENCER also tells the deep side of the figure who is often remembered as Lady Diana. Because of this, this biographical film will probably feel closer and more accurate than the others.

SPENCER puts on a captivating performance from Kristen Stewart who plays Princess Diana. Kristen Stewart’s stunning acting in her film this time has managed to get her into the Oscar nominations for the best actress category. Yes, apart from an interesting story, Kristen Stewart’s charming acting can be a special attraction for watching SPENCER on netflix!


The film LA LA LAND which is one of the best films released in 2016, can now also be watched on netflix. Not only does it have an exciting story, LA LA LAND is also filled with a musical soundtrack that spoils the ears. That is why, lovers of films or musical dramas must watch this Emma Stone film.

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Broadly speaking, LA LA LAND tells the story of the lives of Mia and Sebastian, a couple who both love the art world. Mia is a role player, while Sebastian is a jazz musician. Unfortunately, LA LA LAND does not only offer romantic and sweet stories. Because a dilemma shackles Mia and Sebastian’s relationship, between love and a career in art. Which will they choose? Instead of being curious, direct.

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