4 Recommended Movies You Should Watch This Week With Your Lover

Are you confused about what movie to watch this week? Don’t worry, there will be 4 new movies that will be showing in cinemas this week. In addition to Hercule Poirot’s detective action, The Beatles concert film, Liam Neeson’s latest action in the Blacklight film, there is also the sexy Jennifer Lopez in the Marry Me film.

Another western film, the cartoon The Sing 2, can be watched with family on weekends.

1. Death on The Nile

Tells about how Hercule Poirot played by Kenneth Branagh who is also the producer of this film reveals a case of death on a cruise ship sailing on the Nile.

Tells about the beautiful and rich Linnet Ridgeway who is found dead on a ship. Hercule Poirot who was also on the ship trying to find the real killer.

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As usual with a shrewd eye and keen analysis, Hercule Poirot examined the alibis of each of the lists of suspects. Will Hercule Poirot be able to solve this murder case?

This 127-minute film and genre crime, drama, mystery is studded with well-known actors and actresses including Tom Bateman, Gal Gadot, Annette Bening, Russell Brand, Letitia Wright, Ali Fazal, Dawn French, and Armie Hammer. Death on the Nile, like Murder on the Orient Express, is a film adapted from a novel by Agatha Christie.

2. The Beatles: Get Back-The Rooftop Concert

The Beatles: Get Back-The Rooftop Concert is a music film in which the film features the last unforgettable live concert of The Beatles on the rooftop of Apple Corps Savile Row, London. The film is directed by Peter Jackson where previously The Beatles: Get Back-The Rooftop Concert was serialized on Disney+ Hotstar.

The film, which has a duration of 65 minutes, seems to bring the audience back to 1969 where The Beatles prepared 14 new songs for their first live concert after more than two years of hiatus.

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Shows how John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Star prepared for the concert. The first time featuring a full live performance of The Beatles was during a concert on the Rooftop where the last two Beatles albums, Abbey Road and Let It Be were also featured in this film.

3. Blacklight

The latest film from Liam Neeson, who plays Travis Block, an FBI agent who is involved in a secret FBI program. Which ultimately puts Travis and his family in danger. Caught in a conspiracy, Travis enlists a journalist (Emmy Raver-Lampman) to help him.

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This 104-minute action and thriller film also stars Aidan Quinn, Taylor John Smith, and Tim Draxl. In this film we will see how Liam Neeson who is already 70 years old still gives his best performance like Liam Neeson’s previous films.

4. Mary Me

Jennifer Lopez aka J-Lo plays again in the film with the genre of comedy, music and romance. Marry Me (2022) tells how the relationship between the music superstar, Kat Valdez, played by Jennifer Lopez and Charlie Gilbert (Owen Wilson), a math teacher.

This Universal Pictures film is directed by Kat Coiro.  The 112 minute Marry Me film is filled with original songs by J-Lo and the Latin pop star Maluma. Those are the 4 newest films that will hit theaters this week.

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