10 Animated Movies To Watch During The Year-End Holidays

Watching movies can also be a way of ‘travelling’ to other countries during the holidays. Well, there are various filmmakers who introduce the unique life of a country along with its culture and legends through the platforms of animated films, comedy, drama, and fantasy.

Kid World Citizen summarizes the best films for schoolchildren in The Global Education Toolkit for Elementary Learners. Here are recommendations for movies that you can watch this holiday season.

1. The Breadwinner

This animated film follows Parvana, an 11-year-old boy in Afghanistan who has to cut his hair and disguise himself as a boy to help support his family. On her journey, Parvana gains a lot of freedom, but also a lot of risks in the difficult moments to bring her family together.

2. Please Vote for Me (China)

This documentary film records the story of a 1st grade elementary school student who underwent an open election for his first class president. With two boys and one girl candidate, the class, which initially had difficulty understanding what democracy meant, began to enthusiastically participate in the ‘election’ process in class.

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3. Children of Heaven (Iran)

This award-winning film tells the story of Ali, a boy who loses his sister, Zahra’s school shoes. So that his parents wouldn’t be disappointed, they took turns wearing shoes at school while Ali thought of a way to get his sister’s shoes back.

4. The Way Home (South Korea)

This South Korean film tells the story of Sangwoo, a 6-year-old boy who lives in an urban area who has to live in his grandmother’s village for a while because of his mother’s job. Grandma who doesn’t know fast food and rural life makes Sangwoo want to hurry back home. However, the way back home was not as simple as he thought.

5. Ernest and Celestine (Belgium)

Ernest and Celestine is an award-winning children’s animated comedy film that tells the story of Celestine, a little mouse who wants to see the world after living in a sewer. His adventures are accompanied by Ernest, a bear who likes to complain but saves his life.

6. Big Fish and Begonia (China)

This anime begins with Chun, a girl from another world who turns into a dolphin to explore the human world when she is 16 years old. On the way, he was saved by a boy from a fishing net. Chun feels guilty that the boy drowned.

Big Fish and Begonia (Da Yu Hai Tang) tells the story of Chun’s journey to understand the meaning of sacrifice, to come to terms with limitations, death, and emotions.

7. Vicky the Viking (Sweden)

This live action comedy is about Vicky, the son of a Viking village chief who is full of strong and stocky sailors. With no muscles as strong as his father, Vicky tries to conquer himself by saving village children who were kidnapped by pirates.

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8. Coco (Mexico)

The Disney animated film Coco tells the story of a boy named Miguel who travels in the land of the dead. On the anniversary of the Day of the Dead, he dives into his identity, family, and the meaning of traditions he doesn’t understand.

9. Africa United (Rwanda-South Africa)

This film is about Rwandan children traveling through seven countries to attend the opening ceremony of the 2010 Football World Cup in Johannesburg. This film about football is also colored with beautiful landscapes along the journey of the children of Rwanda.

10. Zarafa (Sudan)

This French animated film begins with Maki, a little boy who runs away as a slave. With Zarafa, a baby giraffe, Maki goes on a hot air balloon adventure from Africa to Europe, through the desert, assisted by Bedouin warriors, until she meets Greek pirates. This film about children in Sudan tells the story of Maki’s journey to return Zarafa to her original place.

Well, those are animated films, dramas, and family films that you can watch with your siblings, parents, and friends during school holidays.

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